Remembering Ernest McQuary

Remembering my step father, Ernest McQuary.

He was a shade tree mechanic and a darn good one too.

His legs sticking out from under a 51 Ford and he’s talking for the mechanical parts:

Maybe it’s a nut or a bolt and he says:

“I’m not comin’ off! I’ve been on here since 1951 and I’m NOT coming off………

go ahead and try you asshole and do you know what?

Yer gonna skin yer knuckles when you miss a pull on that wrench that’s what!

…and do you know what else?

I’m gonna make sure that so much rusty sludge will fall in yer eyes

that you regret ever trying to unloose me!!”

Well, by this time I was fairly break dancing with laughter

even before break dancing was invented…

and of course this only encouraged him to continue all the more

Miss you Ernest!


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