This blog has two goals. The first goal to entertain and I must admit that I selfishly crack myself up with the limericks. As well, I hope they put a smile on your face or even a laugh in your belly. To write these limericks, I “go into character” in the person of Clancy O’Lafferty who I dreamed up after seeing a cartoon of a laughing leprechaun. I insert Clancy O’Lafferty at the head of each poem to put the reader in the appropriate whacky mood to enjoy some of the ridiculous situations that Clancy describes.

After I have myself and others busting a gut, my second goal is to take advantage of that relaxed joyous state and compose something spiritual, non religion, please God, anything but religion because of which Jesus was sent to the cross. No stained-glass windows, no steeples, no pews, no clerical collars, empty rituals, spooky music, waving smoke around, ringing bells nor any of the other trappings that cling to humans like shit clings to a blanket. And because of this, the main spiritual points that Jesus taught become buried or muddled in a hodgepodge of religious rituals and performance. “DO! DO! DO! DO! And then God will accept you. Where Jesus taught us to relax in His grace as the spiritual foundation for our journey.On the spiritual side, I include a few poems which reflect on some of my life experiences from as far back as I can remember.  All these compositions I sign with my own name, Maurie Nord.

I pray that you are entertained and encouraged!

Oh, P.S., I might throw in the odd “thriller” as a curve ball to scare the crap out of you.


Simply go back and select a limerick as an antidote!


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