Story Board 2: The Ring

Story Board :The Ring

By Maurie Nord



grave silent

black four-poster

upon it withered old woman lies

face snow-white, spider-webbed by purple veins

eyes blue, large, open wide

she is dead

enter cleaning maid

she catches breath

then trembling closes cadaver’s eyes

skin over bones

cold hands  pitiful things

meant to be folded across the breast

maid folds them correctly even  tenderly

then sees the ring

blood-red ruby

worth a lifetime’s wages

from cadaver’s hand

excited she takes it

and looking around she drops it

into the pocket of her apron

nervously she dusts

black walnut four-poster

dripping tap in bathroom (zoom in)

“TOCK!            TOCK!           TOCK!”

simply will not quit though with two hands

she tightens it with all her strength

tap first and now

loud buzzing of a fly (zoom in and amplify)


break the grave-like silence

at bedside she sweeps

and seeing big fly (zoom)  she takes a sudden swipe

drops her broom and bending down

to pick it up a cold bony hand

drops down with a flop

strikes her cheek

she stares in horror

nose to nose with withered dead face

whose head now turned

to stare at her

huge eyes wide open

maid falls backward

with a gasp

then regaining her composure

folds the hands

closes the huge blue eyes

it is midnight

relieved she is finished at last

bus ride home she feels the ring

she slides it on her finger

it fits

she smiles

feels the ring

gets off the bus

feels the ring

walks alone

up creaky stairs

unlocks the door

bachelor suite

feels the ring

enters the room

silent as a tomb

she feels the ring

cold chill flows into her hand

from the thing and

in her kitchen she hears

dripping tap (zoom in)

she looks at the ring (zoom in)

pale skin over bones (recall)

the dripping tap that will not stop (zoom in and amplify)

“TOCK!        TOCK!             TOCK!”

though she tries hard with two hands

it simply will not stop

huge eyes open wide in her mind’s vision

she cannot erase it though she tries

incessant dripping

image undeletable

she hears in her bedroom

loud buzzing of a fly

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  ZZZZ……ZZZZZ!” (zoom in and amplify)


scary old lady.jpg3

leprechaun laughing


HAHAHAHAHA! Freaked ya out eh?



copyright Maurie Nord 2014



Ghosts On West End Road


Ghosts On West End Road

By Maurie Nord

West End Road

he walks at midnight


yes, all alone

he must walk this road


there is no other way

inky darkness

the moon occasionally peeks

through black clouds to reveal

scraggly trees and

limbs with black branches reach out

to seize

and ahead on the left

are the Indian graves

broken wooden crosses

rotten head boards


for the long departed ones

of the Katzie Indian Band

his hair stiffens

he approaches the graves

the sudden cool breeze once again

light fingers caress his neck

cursing himself  he begins to run

faster and faster

but the fingers follow

just as in times before

the moon peeks again

to reveal crazy crosses tilting among

tall grasses and weeds

heart racing  feet pounding the road

he passes the Indian grave yard

the cold fingers slowly

let go of carressing  the neck

of this teenage lad

who again dared

at midnight

to disturb





copyright Maurie Nord 2014