Standing Somewhere in the Shadows

Originally published on May 16, 2002, a prophetic poem by Maurie Nord


I saw by night, and behold a man riding upon a red horse, and he stood among the myrtle trees that were in the bottom; and behind him were there red horses, speckled and white.

Zechariah 1:8

I sense that the Spirit of the Lord is saying this:

Darkness is descending,

and in the shadows, I Am waiting for you to see Me.

I Am not pleased to see you wounded and in despair,

you look this way and that way for compassion,

is there any friend to comfort you?

I Am waiting for your eyes to adjust

to the darkness,

then you will see Me.

I will be at first a shadow,

then I will grow brighter as you behold Me.

In your despair, you will ask,

“How can these things come upon me?

Am I not special?

Have I not been chosen of You to be a light for liberty?

and a testimony for truth?”

Yes, and all the brighter you will, in darkness, shine!

I have been waiting for you, here,

in the valley of despair,

where the last straws of self reliance

are tightly clutched,

then at last, are reluctantly surrendered,

and are Mine.

You will peer into the darkness,

and in the shadows,

among the myrtles which camoflaged Me

by the light of  your glory days,

in your darkness,

you will find Me.

I Am not pleased

that it was here, and only here

you needed to come

to find Me.

I Am not pleased

that those who hate you

are at peace,

at rest and satisfied

with your despair.

You have faced enemies with courage,

and mighty is the armour

upon which you have relied.

Here in the valley,

I Am your only Armour,

here in the shadows, I stand ready,

and with Me stands My Bride.

We are not pleased at your pain,

we are not pleased

that you are brought down.

Yet it is for your gain,

that pain is allowed.

Your ears were deafened, amid the din of

the battles of distraction.

The cries of My watchmen:

“Watch your Unarmed Back!”

When at last you felt the stings,

of the first two sharp arrows,

as a giant aroused too late,

you turned around

and screamed,


Since then have followed

grievous arrows,

and even now in this low place,

in this valley you ask,

“How can this be,


“How can I be brought low?”


“Can it be that such things can happen,

to me, to even me?”

From the shadows of the myrtles I answer,

“Yes, these things can be,

and again,

I Am not pleased.”

I stand ready,

upon my warrior horse of red,

to stand up for you,


I Am not pleased

that your blood is shed.

You were merciful to Israel,

and you took her side.

Under the shadow of the Eagle’s wings,

for awhile she did abide,

until the enemies behind you,

the enemies among you,

the enemies within you cried,


And you have paid the price.

And now, behold Me, in the darkness,

I shine more brightly than the day.

Do even now,

as upon your coinage,

you long have boldly proclaimed:

Put your trust in Me,

let Me lead the way.

I Am the True Liberty,

I Am the True Safety,

I Am the True Wealth,

I Am the True Eagle,

I Am exalted above the Stars,

for the Stripes upon my back.

With pierced hands I beckon you,

Climb upon my back and soar!

Soar with me on the winds

of this great adversity!

You who have walked the moon,

will never see a grander sight,

than to behold the Lord,

in the Beauty of Holiness,

and on the wings of true faith,

to view the nations from His heights!

Oh look!

Your  Weeping Northern Brother

stretches open arms,

of love:

“Let’s fly together,

Wounded Brother,

let’s climb upon the Eagle’s back,

let us soar!

Let us be one people,

in His Love, let there be no border.

Let’s be united in this:

that we put our trust in the Lord!”

“We’ve been tasting of the Water,

from the Rock our leaders struck.

It is sweeter than the Maples.

We are with you in the myrtles,

in the shadows.

We are standing with you

in the shadows.”


The Coin Toss

The Coin Toss

By Maurie Nord

I see the two sides of a coin

Heads or tails deciding

Flip of thumb and on the ground

The referee is minding

The toss of coin

The flip of thumb in air

By law he must be bound

But the quarter back has a secret pass

Touch down!

I received!

And I’m out of hiding


January 1, 2015

All in the same boat

All In the Same Boat

by Maurie Nord

In a world of trials stresses, and sorrows
we know that we are never alone
we are all in the same boat
those of us with even the slightest human dignity
who would rather bless than blast
unless forced for this freedom to row
we fight at last still
we are always looking for the comfort zone
and who can blame us?
certainly not the Lord Himself
for the Lord is our Shepherd
He encourages to lie down in green pastures
where are those pastures?
they are in His heart
and resting there we shall not want
and yes though we walk through
the valley of the shadow of death
we shall fear no evil
for the Lord is with us
His rod of correction and His shepherd’s staff
comforts us with this knowledge and it is good
that as one wise one framed it
we who are in the same boat know
that the universe is unfolding as it should

green pastures

copyright Maurie Nord 2014

I Threw a Pebble into a Pond

I Threw a Pebble into a Pond

by Maurie Nord

I threw a pebble into a pond
and then I threw in a rock
ripples of pebble went just as far
as waves generated by rock
Ted Turner
he changed the world
but if we think about it we will see
that rock or pebble
pebble or rock
we all change the world….
don’t we?

ripple in pond pic


poem copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Story Board 2: The Ring

Story Board :The Ring

By Maurie Nord



grave silent

black four-poster

upon it withered old woman lies

face snow-white, spider-webbed by purple veins

eyes blue, large, open wide

she is dead

enter cleaning maid

she catches breath

then trembling closes cadaver’s eyes

skin over bones

cold hands  pitiful things

meant to be folded across the breast

maid folds them correctly even  tenderly

then sees the ring

blood-red ruby

worth a lifetime’s wages

from cadaver’s hand

excited she takes it

and looking around she drops it

into the pocket of her apron

nervously she dusts

black walnut four-poster

dripping tap in bathroom (zoom in)

“TOCK!            TOCK!           TOCK!”

simply will not quit though with two hands

she tightens it with all her strength

tap first and now

loud buzzing of a fly (zoom in and amplify)


break the grave-like silence

at bedside she sweeps

and seeing big fly (zoom)  she takes a sudden swipe

drops her broom and bending down

to pick it up a cold bony hand

drops down with a flop

strikes her cheek

she stares in horror

nose to nose with withered dead face

whose head now turned

to stare at her

huge eyes wide open

maid falls backward

with a gasp

then regaining her composure

folds the hands

closes the huge blue eyes

it is midnight

relieved she is finished at last

bus ride home she feels the ring

she slides it on her finger

it fits

she smiles

feels the ring

gets off the bus

feels the ring

walks alone

up creaky stairs

unlocks the door

bachelor suite

feels the ring

enters the room

silent as a tomb

she feels the ring

cold chill flows into her hand

from the thing and

in her kitchen she hears

dripping tap (zoom in)

she looks at the ring (zoom in)

pale skin over bones (recall)

the dripping tap that will not stop (zoom in and amplify)

“TOCK!        TOCK!             TOCK!”

though she tries hard with two hands

it simply will not stop

huge eyes open wide in her mind’s vision

she cannot erase it though she tries

incessant dripping

image undeletable

she hears in her bedroom

loud buzzing of a fly

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ  ZZZZ……ZZZZZ!” (zoom in and amplify)


scary old lady.jpg3

leprechaun laughing


HAHAHAHAHA! Freaked ya out eh?



copyright Maurie Nord 2014


Ghosts On West End Road


Ghosts On West End Road

By Maurie Nord

West End Road

he walks at midnight


yes, all alone

he must walk this road


there is no other way

inky darkness

the moon occasionally peeks

through black clouds to reveal

scraggly trees and

limbs with black branches reach out

to seize

and ahead on the left

are the Indian graves

broken wooden crosses

rotten head boards


for the long departed ones

of the Katzie Indian Band

his hair stiffens

he approaches the graves

the sudden cool breeze once again

light fingers caress his neck

cursing himself  he begins to run

faster and faster

but the fingers follow

just as in times before

the moon peeks again

to reveal crazy crosses tilting among

tall grasses and weeds

heart racing  feet pounding the road

he passes the Indian grave yard

the cold fingers slowly

let go of carressing  the neck

of this teenage lad

who again dared

at midnight

to disturb





copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Murphy The Riddle Master 6

clancy olafferty

randy the riddler

Randy Riddlington:  Murphy you twit, you just been lucky so far!”

A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven’t eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?

Murphy: “Well, duh! After 3 years of not eatin’ them lions would be little weak and skinny wouldn’t they? THEY’D BE DEAD YOU DINGLE BERRY!

leprechaun laughing


Murphy And Duffie Were Buildin’ A Shack

clancy olafferty

Murphy And Duffie Were Buildin’ A Shack

(Bold type for the beat)

By Clancy O’Lafferty

Murphy and Duffie were buildin’ a shack

And were nailin’ tar paper upon ‘im

When Murphy said, “Jack, take a look these tacks

They all have their heads on the wrong end!”

Duffie said, “Murphy you don’t have to worry

Don’t be jumpy like some kinda louse

Them tacks that we buyed well they’ll work out just fine

For the other one sides of the house!”

leprechaun laughing

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

The House Of Glass

house of glass pic

The House Of Glass

By Maurie Nord

On the winding highway by the long south arm

Of the big Lake named for a native tribe

The ancient Kootenay has many strange tales

And one began here with a white man

Undertaker David Brown saved empty bottles by the thousands

They were square and he surmised that they would make good bricks

And he built a glass castle overlooking Kootenay Lake

The main-house rooms finished all in cedar beauty

Each one round in design like a three-leaf clover

 One lake-view room seems to hauntingly resemble

The wheel house of a long-forgotten Kootenay paddle steamer

The Browns moved into their house of dreams

Which soon became a nightmare

For the people wouldn’t let the family rest in peace

Eyes wide gaping at the glass house

they refused to drive by

Bumper to bumper parking all along the road side

Finally the family simply had to move out and

They opened to the public their gorgeous glass house

And indeed I can see through the fog of my past

An excited little boy watching for the house of glass

Now people come from all around the world to marvel

 Most do not know and when they find out many shudder

That the half-a-million bricks used to build the glass castle

Are really nothing other than embalming fluid bottles

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014




May 1st 1913

by Maurie Nord

Halfway from Nelson to Balfour she lies

On the winding narrow highway

You round a curve

Then suddenly you see her

overlooking Kootenay Lake

Two decks and the wheelhouse are all that remain

Now she is somebody’s house


British Columbia’s largest paddle steamer


Coronation of a Queen with her white train following

But now she is forever still

Something ended in that era

With the sad cessation

Of her paddle wheel

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014