Murphy Drives A Semi

Murphy Drives A Semi

by Clancy O’Lafferty

clancy olafferty


Murphy moved to the You Nighted States

cuz he wanted to drive a big semi

and he dreamed of all them highway cafes

with them waitresses hot and are plenty

but his hopes got busted when his wife said

that she must ride every haul with him you see

well, Murphy he tried

to prevent her by chiding

“You’ll not have me stoppin’ to pee!”

she said, “No, I won’t

I can hold it you dolt”

and at last he was forced to agree

but ten miles down the interstate

she said “For pity’s sake

stop, let me get some relief!”

Murphy said, “No!

Roll down the window

stick yer bum out and take yer damn pee!”

so, she did it but soon

she said, “Number two

as well tis callin’ me name”

Murphy said, “NO!

Roll down the window

with the poo you can just do the same!”

and so she did

and the flyin’ shit

hit two drunks on the side of the lane

One said to the other

“What rotten tobaccer

them truckers is chewin’ these days!”

The other one said

“You ain’t kiddin’ Fred

but it’s one other thing that I’ll ask ya

the tobacco’s sure rotten

but my eyesight is not

did you notice the face on that bastard?

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copyright Maurie Nord 2014




Carnaby Finnegan Moves a Bust

clancy olafferty

Carnaby Finnegan Moves a Bust

by Clancy O’Lafferty

Carnaby Finnegan said

“Dammit I sinned
I saw that same lassie again at the bar!”

He saw her big boobs
and he thought like a stooge
then his thoughts very soon went afar
Well quick as a wink, he bought her a drink
and made a progression he guessed
until through the door
walked a six-foot-four
her beau with a fifty-inch chest
Finnegan said with a face beet red
“Well, here’s a kind lady I think
I was sittin’ alone
she had pity and so
she decided to buy me a drink”

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then his thoughts very soon went afar
Well quick as a wink, he bought her a drink
and made a progression he guessed
until through the door
walked a six-foot-four
her beau with a fifty-inch chest
Finnegan said with a face beet red
“Well, here’s a kind lady I think
I was sittin’ alone
she had pity and so
she decided to buy me a drink”


Murphy Enjoys a Viking Feast

clancy olafferty

Murphy Enjoys A Viking Feast

by Clancy O’Lafferty

Murphy went to a Viking feast
a medieval all you can eat
where they throw the bones all around the hall
and try to hit their mother-in-law
but they had a rule to govern the booze
a simple rhyme that they had  to use:

“You horrible wench don’t make me think
I’ll raise no stench if you bring me a drink”

Well, Murphy had practised it all day long
and knew he could say it and never go wrong
no matter the number of shots he downed
he could say that rhyme and without a doubt
The serving wench came around and purred

“Now Murphy my master what can I thee serve”

And Murphy said this and it’s true for sure:

“You horrible stench don’t thake me mink
I’ll staise no rench if you ding me a brink!”

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copyright Maurie Nord

Clancy’s Job at the Museum

clancy olafferty

Clancy’s Job at the Museum

by Clancy O’Lafferty

Clancy began as a maintenance man
at a famous jurassic museum
But washing the floors and oiling the doors
soon did bore him and quite failed to please him

So he thought he’d impress and teach all the guests
all about the fine fossil exhibits
He was teaching one day when a boy said, “Hey,
that dinosaur just how old is it?”

Clancy replied with his chin held high
“Ten million and one years today”
The boy said, “Wow! Please tell me, sir, how
so exactly you know of its age?”

Clancy said, “Well, it’s quite easy to tell
you precisely here’s how and I’ll say
The bones, I was told are ten million years old
And I’ve worked here a year to this day!”

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copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Men Can Dance Better Than Women!

Men Can Dance Better Than Women!

by Clancy O’Lafferty

clancy olafferty


Now Donnegal bragged to his wife about dancing
“Men can dance better than women!
Who leads River dance?
Tis a man bonnie lass and
What woman can moon walk like Jackson?
And Muhammed Ali who can sting like a bee
yet a butterfly be on his toesies
Find me a lass who can dance like that
and I’ll pick you a bouquet of posies
And take Fred Astaire whose dancin’ shoes danced
up the stairway to heaven forever
Is that not the test
that men are the best?
God’s gift of great dancers are men dear!”
Missus Donnegal said, “Fred Astaire was the best
and beside him the “Jacko” looks awkward?
Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did
and she did it in heels dancin’ backwards!”

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copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

clancy olafferty

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

By Clancy O’Lafferty


A father walked into the barber shop

With his darlin’ young daughter in hand

The shop was full of old men who woke up

And they whispered of what they beheld

“What’s he doin’ in here on a Saturday morn

With his daughter it don’t seem right?

Should he not be out playin’ a round of golf

Or keepin’ his fishin’ line tight?

When his turn came time

In the chair he climbed for a haircut

And just as he planned

His daughter inquired and so childlike inspired,

“Is this all we’ve to do on rag time?”

leprechaun laughing.jpg2


This is a true story as told by a Master Barber. It really happened! The shop erupted in gales of laughter…the father turned into a beet!

Copyright Maurie Nord

Murphy Airline Crash Detective

clancy olafferty

Murphy Airline Crash Detective

by Clancy O’Lafferty

Now, Murphy said “surely
I’m trained and I’m worthy
to find out why airplanes do crash
I took seven lessons
And now there’s no guessin’
Me expert opinion means cash!
Concernin’ the fate of
flight eight-forty-eight
I am certain my me findins will tell
Great investigations found great revelations
it crashed ‘cuz  the fockin’ thing fell!”

Apology: this is in no way to make light of anyone who has lost a loved one due to an airline, or any other accident. The poem has more to do with ridiculing those who dodge responsibility to avoid paying money to make  airline travel safer!




Next Generation

clancy olafferty

Next Generation

by Clancy O’Lafferty

Now, these gen X kids
or whatever they call ’em
are beginning to whine
about all of the sudden pains
that come out of nowhere and
kids that laugh at the style of their
hair and they think by God I am
getting old just like those old pharts
who laughed and warned me to never do that
Do what? They ask.
You see what I mean?
They’re forgetting already.
Hah! Every generation shows up the same

Riding  bare-back naked on a stallion

Holding on by the mane

it’s nothing new
it’s quite hilarious

don’t take me serious!


brian wilson 2Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles

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copyright Maurie Nord 2014

O’Riley Got A Rolex

clancy olafferty

O’Riley Got A Rolex (and Cannot Quit Watching It)

By Clancy O’Lafferty  

O’Riley says:

“I hates time

If you asks  me why

Well it’s hard to make time rhyme

That is, in this sense:

When I thinks of  certain warm days of June

in school buzzin’ bees on sleepy afternoons

that never seemed to bloody well end

Over and over and over again

Cheap Timex hands that never seemed to move

No matter how long I stared at them

But now on this Rolex they flies around fast

like this Dream Liner flight

And I fall asleep at the hat of a drop and I pinch me self?

Will we  land alright?

Yes we shall not drop

That’s what I thought


leprechaun laughing.jpg2


copyright Maurie Nord 2014