Where have those Faces Gone?

Where Have Those Faces Gone?

by Maurie Nord

He was born into a place called “Shaver’s Bench”
Mister Shaver was the founder
unless you miss your guess
On the Eastside of Trail
a smelter town in BC
where they made heavy water for the
the bomb, you see, I mean Little boy and Fat man

They marched around the square
though the war was long over
though ten years over
they marched around the square
bag pipes still wailin’
war drums still poundin’
Through those long lost days
he still remembers
the force
the courage
the resolve upon their faces
looking up into their faces and trembling
as they marched
and though they never spoke a word
he could hear them say
“You will never conquer us
you can try to stare us down
when you try to beat us down
and when you think you have it done
you’ll be staring at the gates of hell
he wonders this old man
it has been so long
where is the resolve?
where have those faces gone?

copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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