Murphy Drives A Semi

Murphy Drives A Semi

by Clancy O’Lafferty

clancy olafferty


Murphy moved to the You Nighted States

cuz he wanted to drive a big semi

and he dreamed of all them highway cafes

with them waitresses hot and are plenty

but his hopes got busted when his wife said

that she must ride every haul with him you see

well, Murphy he tried

to prevent her by chiding

“You’ll not have me stoppin’ to pee!”

she said, “No, I won’t

I can hold it you dolt”

and at last he was forced to agree

but ten miles down the interstate

she said “For pity’s sake

stop, let me get some relief!”

Murphy said, “No!

Roll down the window

stick yer bum out and take yer damn pee!”

so, she did it but soon

she said, “Number two

as well tis callin’ me name”

Murphy said, “NO!

Roll down the window

with the poo you can just do the same!”

and so she did

and the flyin’ shit

hit two drunks on the side of the lane

One said to the other

“What rotten tobaccer

them truckers is chewin’ these days!”

The other one said

“You ain’t kiddin’ Fred

but it’s one other thing that I’ll ask ya

the tobacco’s sure rotten

but my eyesight is not

did you notice the face on that bastard?

leprechaun laughing.jpg2

copyright Maurie Nord 2014




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