Men Can Dance Better Than Women!

Men Can Dance Better Than Women!

by Clancy O’Lafferty

clancy olafferty


Now Donnegal bragged to his wife about dancing
“Men can dance better than women!
Who leads River dance?
Tis a man bonnie lass and
What woman can moon walk like Jackson?
And Muhammed Ali who can sting like a bee
yet a butterfly be on his toesies
Find me a lass who can dance like that
and I’ll pick you a bouquet of posies
And take Fred Astaire whose dancin’ shoes danced
up the stairway to heaven forever
Is that not the test
that men are the best?
God’s gift of great dancers are men dear!”
Missus Donnegal said, “Fred Astaire was the best
and beside him the “Jacko” looks awkward?
Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did
and she did it in heels dancin’ backwards!”

leprechaun laughing1083_RS19_S012P120.jpg

copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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