Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

clancy olafferty

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

By Clancy O’Lafferty


A father walked into the barber shop

With his darlin’ young daughter in hand

The shop was full of old men who woke up

And they whispered of what they beheld

“What’s he doin’ in here on a Saturday morn

With his daughter it don’t seem right?

Should he not be out playin’ a round of golf

Or keepin’ his fishin’ line tight?

When his turn came time

In the chair he climbed for a haircut

And just as he planned

His daughter inquired and so childlike inspired,

“Is this all we’ve to do on rag time?”

leprechaun laughing.jpg2


This is a true story as told by a Master Barber. It really happened! The shop erupted in gales of laughter…the father turned into a beet!

Copyright Maurie Nord


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