O’Riley Got A Rolex

clancy olafferty

O’Riley Got A Rolex (and Cannot Quit Watching It)

By Clancy O’Lafferty  

O’Riley says:

“I hates time

If you asks  me why

Well it’s hard to make time rhyme

That is, in this sense:

When I thinks of  certain warm days of June

in school buzzin’ bees on sleepy afternoons

that never seemed to bloody well end

Over and over and over again

Cheap Timex hands that never seemed to move

No matter how long I stared at them

But now on this Rolex they flies around fast

like this Dream Liner flight

And I fall asleep at the hat of a drop and I pinch me self?

Will we  land alright?

Yes we shall not drop

That’s what I thought


leprechaun laughing.jpg2


copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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