Darcy Lynn

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Darcy Lynn

By Maurie Nord

In nineteen-hundred and sixty-five

For fifteen years I had been alive

Less a month to the day on the 12th of May

When a baby was born from the Lord for me

They thought of a name for her

“April”, at first, but then they thought May

be that name wouldn’t work

“How about Darcy?” The proud father smiled

They were happy with that and they thought for awhile

Of a middle name and decided on “Lynn”

At that is where this poem begins

Many autumn leaves fell and cold winds blew

Many May twelves passed and June twelves too

Then a warm summer day came into my life

Darcy Lynn said “I do” and I made her my wife

Now twenty-six summers have come and they’ve passed

Since the day that I met her and met her by chance?

“Not so”, says the Lord, “For I had it all planned

And I still have you both in the palm of my hand.”

12th of May 2014

Happy 49th birthday DARLYNN you’re catchin’ up to me!


Your Mee Mew

ss sicamous

Married here at the paddle wheel


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