My Dad Was Tough

My Dad Was Tough

by Maurie Nord


My dad was tough

never missed a day’s work

started his day with a ‘wry’ breakfast

a teacher by trade

the youngest they say

to graduate from

Victoria’s Normal

taught seven years

as a bachelor it was fine

but with a wife and kids

it was out of the question

he was out of luck

the salary sucked

you understand

so he had to become a smelter man

in Trail, BC, tough as can be in the acid plant

they made heavy water used to make the bomb

that dropped on Japan to end the war

he enlisted voluntarily

he didn’t have to

got a special commendation

quite a change from condemnation

lost his wife to his best friend

had stomach cancer in the end

filled a styro cup with snow

drenched it with Rye

and off to work  he goes

with a smile

his “wry” breakfast he called it

my dad was tough

and an alcoholic

It has taken a life time to understand

and now I can truly

admire the man

Sandy Nord

who trusted in the Lord

every life is strange

a puzzle that only God

can figure out

sandy nord

“Sandy” Nord 1917-1966

copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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