Riddle Of the States


clancy olafferty

Riddle Of the States

by Clancy O’Lafferty


randy the riddler

Randolph Riddlington:

“So Murphy at riddles you think you are great?

I’ll give you a clue and you name the state!”


“Well that would be Washington”


“Gotta be Virgin-ya”


“Maryland, of course”


Ida go hoe them spuds!”

“State with so little tooth decay!”

“Floride ah….yer tryin’ to say?”

“High in the middle and round on the ends!”

“Ohio ‘less I’m missin’ me guess”

“The center is lead!”


“Kids love crayons!”

“Colorado you moron”

“Unmarried Italian girl!”

“Miss Issippi’s her name”

“New cow state!”

“New Jersey’s the same”

“Suffers the most!”

“Oh poor Missouri!”

“Anna never wins!”

“Losey Anna you twit”

“Church music state!”


“Most important state!”

“Well, Maine is the one”

“Dodge truck state!”

“Dakota North or South?”

“Now there’s one final state I’ll ask ya about!”

“The state is Alaska now shut your mouth!”

randy the riddlerleprechaun laughing.jpg2


copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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