Clancy O’Lafferty on Stephen King

clancy olafferty

Review Of Stephen King’s book: “On Writing”

By CLancy O’Lafferty


How did Stephen King in his writing get started?

His sitter sat down on his face and she farted.

She locked him inside of a dark wardrobe closet

And he sat all alone where his young mind got lost

And he saw what he saw then he wrote what he saw

He told us of sights unknown to us that’s all

“Mr King, can you give me some guidance today?”

“Yes, did some trusted one fart on your face?

If she did then perhaps your muse granted you grace

Take a blank sheet of paper and fill up the space”

“Well what shall I write Mr King tell me what?”

“You can write any damn thing that you want!”


copyright by Maurie Nord 2014

on writing by stephen king




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