A Story Of Maurie McNord

clancy olafferty

A Story Of Maurie McNord

By Clancy O’Lafferty

Now this is one story of Maurie McNord

he’s a strange half-and-half sort of breed

Half is a feisty Scots-Eire man scrapper

and half is a pacifist Swede

On his first day of school

he was met by two bullies

who threatened to pound him that day

But they never supposed

a quick fist to the nose

when his Scots-Irish side had its way

One nose was a bleedin’

they ran to the teachers

in tears and reported this sin

Though McNord told the truth

they gave him the rebuke,

“Don’t you dare hit a

classmate again!”

This instilled in him fear

he changed schools every year

as his parents from place to

place wandered

In his heart he still grieved

That they wouldn’t believe him

And sadly his confidence foundered

Bullies all had his number,

“the weakling newcomer”

is what they were led to believe

And in every new town

He would always back down

So the teachers had taught him you see

‘Til one day in grade eight

he at last overcame

and boiled over the Eire man rage

The king bully laughing

kicked to pieces the gym bag

his mother had specially made

The Scots-Irish flashed

and he threw him down flat

on his back and proceeded to pound him

After that day was done

Bullies made no more fun

And were somewhat reluctant to hound him

He had suffered too long

Since that day in grade one

When two bullies had promised to beat him

It was easy to figure

That the bullies were bigger

But not to the dim-witted teachers

When a proud bully pushes

His nose in your face

Don’t be “fair” if you’re hopin’ to stop him

When he makes a real threat

He deserves what he gets

And a hard sucker punch will soon drop him

leprechaun laughing.jpg2

copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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