Murphy’s First Night In New York (1904)

clancy olafferty

Murphy’s First Night In New York (1904)

by Clancy O’Lafferty


She was an O’Flannigan girl

Murphy thought he would give her a whirl

He was fresh off the boat and his x he had wrote

And he wandered around like a fool

He said to her what is your name?

“I’m Kitty O’Flannigan babe

And you just come ashore now in 1904

From the Emerald Isle I perceive.”

He said, “What you said is so true!

And how could this be known to you?

Sure and by gory and so goes the story

O’Flannigans look and see through!”

He met up with Eire men mates

“A fine Irish girl is me date!”

And that night when they met her

They’ll never forget

She was black as the aces of spades!

When he stepped out to water his horse

They thought they should give him a course

On all of the things that’ll make a man spring

On the cold winter streets of New York

They told him, “You’ll have to shell out

For an hour with that woman you lout!

But Murphy replied, “That’s fine, that’s fine

She’s O’Flannigan without a doubt!”

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Copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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