Winter Has Come

Winter Has Come

By Maurie Nord

Ah, winter!

How did you arrive so soon?

Where are all those long

And drowsy grade-five

Afternoons that never seemed to end?

The drone of study

And through the open classroom windows

The lull of bees buzzing

Will those damned hands ever get to three?

And not just one

But endless days like these

It seemed

What happened to spring and summer?

What happened to those long days of  June?

All of that to ponder and now wonder

How can Brian Wilson be seventy?

He is still having Fun Fun Fun

“Don’t ever get old kid

Don’t let ‘em put you in one o’

Them homes where they talk to you

Like yer a goddam baby”

 I won’t old timer

Winter has come but I still get up

With the Lord in my heart

And spring in my step

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

brian wilson 2Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles

Love and Mercy Brian Wilson


2 thoughts on “Winter Has Come

  1. You mean the Brian on the left right? LOL That’s what all the girls were sayin’ back in the day, and that’s why I combed my hair exactly that way LOL. Brian on the right could be a gun fighter in a Clint Eastwood western

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