The Channel Tunnel Proposal

clancy olafferty

The Channel Tunnel Proposal

(bold text is the beat)

By Clancy O’Lafferty


England proposed that a tunnel be drilled

from Folkstone to Calais in France

And drillin’ a tunnel right under the channel

was takin’ an awful chance

Proposals came in from all over the world

for one single tunnel to drill

And billions and billions of pounds they reckoned

would make up the total bill

Then an offer came in from Murphy and Flynn

and it beat every oth-er one

They proposed that a mere hundred million pounds

would easily get the job done

“Now how, may we ask, can you pull off the task

for such a ridiculous sum?

And where are your studies and  blue prints

and numbers and where do you two come from?

“We’re Murphy and Flynn from the Emerald Isle

and we’ve drilled all over the land

We know what to do, we’ll explain it to you

and we hope that you’ll understand

I’ll begin drillin’ from Folkstone side

and Flynn will begin at Calais

The tunnel is done when we meet in the middle

now what do you have to say?”

Everyone laughed then the PM, he asked,

“Well what if you fail to match?

What if in the drilling you miss in the middle

and keep drilling right on past?”

“Well if in the case that we miss in the middle

then you will be lucky me son

When we finish then you will be gettin’ two tunnels

and both for the price of one.”

Though Murphy and Flynn never landed the job,

the planners said, “Here’s what we’ll do

Instead of one tunnel, as the Irishmen said,

it’s more feasible that we drill two!”

Now the tunnel is done, and everyone marvels

but where did it all begin?

The truth is the tunnels would not have been done

were it not for Murphy and Flynn!”

two men with shovels



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