Story Board

single red rose

Story Board


by Maurie Nord

living room dark

yellow candle light  glows

island in darkness

patio light on

 sliding door open

  she glides through

scissors in hand

smooth cement under toes

cool grass

she clips a single rose

CLICK! Scissor sound

 cut thick stem

cool grass under toes

smooth cement

patio door open

she glides through

shapely vase on table

rose into vase

scissors on table

she glides to kitchen

water for rose

she turns kitchen tap

fills glass drinks cool water

glides back

fills vase

scissors gone

patio door open

breeze disturbs sheer curtains

darkness behind her

sudden scissor sound



Gasping she awakens

she has clammy persperation

she is trembling  as she walks

she walks slowly down the stairs

the patio door is locked

there is no rose

there is no candle

the room is dark

the scissors are on the table

It was a nightmare… she understands

a gun is in her hand

pearl handled

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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