Finnegan’s “In The Beginning…”

clancy olafferty

Finnegan’s “In The Beginning…”

By Clancy O’Lafferty

In the beginning was nothing, and nothing is / was

And besides that there wasn’t a something

No something to say that nothing is / was

Then suddenly there was a something

Wearing green leotards and a bright-red cape

Said, “I wonder if I am a something?

And I wonder if nothing is where I come from?

But it seems I know nothing of nothing

Now from this quandary I cannot escape

For something here in this great nothing

Gave me these green leotards and a cape

And I must say they really are something!

Now how did I know these are green leotards?

And how did know about capes?

Oh, my God, it’s a difficult one!

Now that was a strange thing to say!

Maybe that’s me! Oh maybe that’s me!

And maybe God is my name!

I don’t know if I’m right I don’t know if I’m wrong

But I’m taking it all the same

At last I find meaning here in the beginning

Oh! what did I mean by ‘meaning’?

Oh wait! I cannot yet be using past tense

Because now no time pieces are ticking

Oh wait! What is time and what is past tense?

From whom did I hear all these things?

Oh what’s the use? There is nothing to lose

I think I’ll make something go ‘BANG!’

I will start making things! Very complex things!

Amazing past any description

Codes and chemicals DNA sequencing

Random irrational selection!

Then in the future, whatever that is

Smart people I make will say,

‘He popped out of nothing and did all of that!

So what need do we have of faith?’

Well, I have a whole lot of work to do

I’ll be biddin’ me self goodbye

Now, why did I just go and speak like that?

And besides that, I’m wonderin’ why?

Ah yes! Now it’s all comin’ back to me

And clearly I understand

The name of the nothing from which I popped

Is actually ‘Eire Land’

And in this nothing called ‘Ireland’ place

There was nobody there you see

And in this nothing called ‘Ireland’ place

No one talks like this but me!

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014



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