Children Of The King

clancy olafferty

Children Of The King

(Bold text is the beat)

By Clancy O’Lafferty


Samuel Clemens he wrote of the kings of Ireland with sympathy

There were so many kings in Eire Land they were all out of work you see

They were walkin’ around holdin’ out their crowns and beggin’ for some relief

“We are all descended of Charlemagne we  have papers of proof so believe!”


Finnegan said, “You have papers to prove you’re descended of Charlemagne?

Well, I have papers to prove that I’m not and they’re rarest in all the land

DNA says it’s true that all Europe and you descend from this awful king

But I’m descended of Eire Land and won’t trade it for anything.


We are all descended of Adam and we all are a fallen race

And of all of the children of Adam should this glorious Truth embrace

Though made from dust and to dust we return today we should fall on our face

And give glory to Christ our Saviour and King in thanks for amazing grace.


Copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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