The House Of Glass

house of glass pic

The House Of Glass

By Maurie Nord

On the winding highway by the long south arm

Of the big Lake named for a native tribe

The ancient Kootenay has many strange tales

And one began here with a white man

Undertaker David Brown saved empty bottles by the thousands

They were square and he surmised that they would make good bricks

And he built a glass castle overlooking Kootenay Lake

The main-house rooms finished all in cedar beauty

Each one round in design like a three-leaf clover

 One lake-view room seems to hauntingly resemble

The wheel house of a long-forgotten Kootenay paddle steamer

The Browns moved into their house of dreams

Which soon became a nightmare

For the people wouldn’t let the family rest in peace

Eyes wide gaping at the glass house

they refused to drive by

Bumper to bumper parking all along the road side

Finally the family simply had to move out and

They opened to the public their gorgeous glass house

And indeed I can see through the fog of my past

An excited little boy watching for the house of glass

Now people come from all around the world to marvel

 Most do not know and when they find out many shudder

That the half-a-million bricks used to build the glass castle

Are really nothing other than embalming fluid bottles

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014


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