Murphy Is Put To The Test!

clancy olafferty

Murphy Is Put To The Test!

By Clancy O’Lafferty


Murphy departed for the Isles of Queen Charlotte to join in a colony plant

There were only a hundred surrounded by Haidas when Murphy set foot on the land

They told him before you can join in this colony first you must prove you’re a man

And if you can’t do it then ship out you Mick and head back home to dear Eire Land

“If yer meanin’ to scare me I double dog dare ye, I’ll pass any test that you please

When you meet me dear wife you will run for your life and I’ll pass any test with ease

Now, tell me what is it you want me to do and I’ll have it all done in a day

I’ve no time to be yakkin’ I’m buildin’ a cabin me wife will be soon on her way

First you must wrestle a  grizzly bear, Eire man, then you must strangle a badger,

Then you must crawl in the big Haida camp and bring a young maiden here with ya.

And if you accomplish these three basic feats you may stay in the name of the Queen

But if you cannot then get on the next boat for we’re not freshly taken to Eire Men

So, Murphy set out at the dawn of the day and returned with a smile on his face

I have done the three feats you assigned me to do now and what do you have to say?

I’ve strangled this badger, and wrestled this Haida so would you now send me away?

I crawled in a cave for this grizzly bear maiden and I did all of  it in a day

Now if you are happy I’m back to the cabin me missus expects to be done!”

And if I’m delayed well it’s you that I’ll blame and you best be prepared to run

She’ll strangle  badgers, she’ll wrestle Haidas and she’ll capture grizzly bear maids

So leave her alone till the cabin is done or I’ll count you completely insane.


Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

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