Let Us Wake Up And Get It!

Irish_cloverclancy olaffertyIrish_clover

Let Us Wake Up And Get It!

(Bold-face type is the beat)

By Clancy O’Lafferty

For the Eire man ‘tis stew

Any time it will do

He agrees with Mark Twain as he said it,

“Too much whiskey’s just right”

Mornin’, noon or at night

And his little tin cup showed he meant it

The Gerrys they love

A brat and above

All they must wash it down with a beer

Or perhaps they’ll drink two?

“Nein, nein! Nine will do

And we’ll sing Edelweiss with good cheer!”

“Let’s bag us a haggis

And Scots whiskey Angus”

So saith our close Scottish cousins

“For the wee horrible thing

Raise your glasses and sing

Of our thanks to the good Laird above us!”

The Russians love borscht

With Vodka, of course

Italians love bendin’ spaghetti

“With meat balls!” Says Tino

“And lots of red Vino

Mama mia your-a sauce make us plenty!”

“Kimchi and soju!”

Koreans have told you

For the Japanese, sushi and sake

Mexican chili

So spicy it’s silly

And Tequila to make you feel happy

 Lutefisk och levsa

In Sweden you betcha

In Denmark and Holland it’s cheese

It Beijing it’s roast duck

And for drinks you’re in luck

All these places will serve what you please

Americans love beef steaks

Canadians love pancakes

With bacon all covered in Syrup

 Pastries from France

The land of romance

And Indian curry

We ain’t in no hurry

Crumpets from England

Leipajuusto from Finland

We’ve plenty of time to afford

We’ll take all the above

And bless God in His love

For the all-you-can-eat smorgasbord

Not all nations are listed

And I’m sad if I missed

Yours but readers might think I’m a nit wit

And some might say, “Oh Clancy

You’re drivin’ me antsy

You’re makin’ your lim’rick an Epic!”

So I’ll end it with this

My prayer and my wish

“Oh Lord help us to all get along

To love one another

As sisters and brothers

And with one voice to sing a new song

Let us end all the fightin’

The childish back bitin’

Let’s be kind and reach out to the poor

Let us wake up and get it

As Johnny Hart  said it,

“And boot Satan’s butt out the door!”


Copyright Maurie Nord 2014







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