Little O’Leary At Sunday School

Irish_cloverclancy olaffertyIrish_clover


(Bold-faced words for the beat)

By Clancy O’Lafferty

When to Sunday School little O’Leary was sent

He was taught how the angel to Joseph had said,

“Take Mary and the baby and flee into Egypt”

 “Now draw me a picture then please let me see it.”

So, little O’Leary drew Joseph and Mary

Seated on camels with faces so weary

On the pale hand of Joseph he drew a black speck

The teacher she noticed and asked him what’s that?

The little lad said, “Oh it’s too small to see

But the little black speck that I drew is the FLEA!”

riding camelriding camel

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Inspired by the humour of Irish comedian, Hal Roach


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