Fightin’ Clancy O’Flannigan

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By Clancy O’Lafferty

Clancy O’Flannigan

Boxed any man and when

Ever he boxed he would win

A bare-knuckles brawler

And weekend pub crawler

To see who would dare challenge him

He broke many faces

So seldom had takers

Til one night he got a surprise

It was Elmer McClary

The village librarian

Challenging him to a fight

Elmer said, “Clancy

A wager I fancy

To make if you dare so tonight

Buy a round for the house

When you quickly find out

That you’ll never touch me in this fight

And the rules are as so

We will stand toe to toe

On this newspaper ne’er to move off it”

He agreed and gaffawed

And the pub crowd was awed

When Elmer said, Clancy now watch this

‘Neath the men’s room door

He placed on the floor

The newspaper then stepped in and locked it

“Toes on the paper!

And Clancy now take your

Best punch and this oak door will block it!

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

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