O’Flanningan Stops A Snore

clancy olafferty


O’Flannigan Stops A Snore

By Clancy O’Lafferty


O’Flannigan found a hotel

In Donnegal late one night.

He banged on the bell

And the clerk came down

Half awake and a pitiful sight.


O’Flannigan said, “I’ll be needin’ a room

For the night if you have one to spare.”

“The clerk said, “We don’t

But in four, there’s a bloke

With a double he won’t mind to share.


But of this I must give you fair warn,

The man has a god-awful snore.

He’ll keep you awake for sure an’ by gory

Has been the complaint before.


O’Flannigan said, “It’s alright,

I think I’ll make out just fine

The clerk was amazed

When O’Flannigan stated

“I’d like to stay one more night.”


“Well tell me now how did you sleep?

And what of the bloke with the snore?

How’d you manage shut eye

In the room with that guy

When none other has managed before?”


“I gave him a kiss on the cheek

And he stayed wide awake you can bet,

He watched me ‘til mornin’

While I did the snorin’

He’ll be passed out all day I should guess.”


snoring pic


Copyright Maurie Nord  2014

Inspired  Irish comedian, Hal Roach


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