Dog In The Dining Car

clancy olafferty

Dog In The Dining Car
by Clancy O’lafferty


Murphy was ridin’ the train

And there was an American dame

At the table adjecent  to Murphy

She did nothing but whine and complain.

She had a small dog on the seat

An American man came to eat

“Would you put that dog

On the floor now, ma’am

‘Cuz I don’t care for hair in my meat.”

She said, “You can go to hell!”

The American man said, “Oh well,”

He threw the dog out of the window

and then so calmly he sat himself down.

Murphy said, “I don’t understand,

The mind of Americans

They drive on the opposite side of the road

And they hold a fork with their right hand.

A gentleman quickly agreed

“I can perfectly see  what you mean,

He threw the wrong bitch out the window

And then he sits right beside her to eat!”


Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Inspired by Irish comedian, Hal Roach

dining car



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