Two Nuns In A Red Austin Mini



Two Nuns In A Red Austin Mini

By Clancy O’Lafferty


Two nuns went a shoppin’

And thinkin’ of stopping’

To stock up on wine at the Safeway

In a red Austin Mini

One fat and one skinny

They cruised the car lot for a park place.

When they found there were none

Said the drivin’ one nun

“You can go in the store on your own

Take your time while you shop

I’ll just drive ‘round the block

And I’ll pick you up then we’ll go home.

When the shoppin’ was done

And out came the nun

She looked for her sister in vain

On a lamp post there leaning’

A man was day dreamin’

She quizzed him on what he had seen.


“Now, while you’ve been waitin’

And life contemplatin’

Have you seen a nun in a red Mini?

“Not since my confession

And I’ve learned my lesson

With fantasies now I am finished!”


Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Inspired by the humour of Irish Comedian, Hal Roach


red mini skirtred austin mini


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