Finnegan Cooper The New Paratrooper


Finnegan Cooper The New Paratrooper

By Clancy O’Lafferty

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

Finnegan Cooper, a new paratrooper

Was makin’ his very first leap

Finnegan laughed like crazy jack ass

While no one else let out a peep

The jump master said, “Men, when I say jump then

you will run through that wide open door!

The static line will deploy your parachute boys

If it fails you will pull your rip cord!

When you make your touch down on the targeted ground

Pack your chute up and sit down and wait

A truck will come by to give you a ride

And will take you right back to the base!”

But when Finnegan bailed, the static line failed

So he pulled the rip cord as was told him

But the rip cord was busted and Finnegan cussed it

And aimed for a haystack below him.

“The static line broke, the rip cord was a joke

“This damn paratroopin’ I’m hatin’!

 That jump master jerk!  Not a damn thing worked!

An’ I s’ppose now that truck won’t be waitin!”



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