Hennesy At The Bible Camp


Hennesy At the Bible Camp

By Clancy O’Lafferty

Hennesy left home

At eleven years old

To Find God at a Bible Camp

He asked his mum

“Do you think God will come?”

“Yes, He’s likely been given a map.

Sure the saying is true

That God will find YOU

So listen to what He will say

Now be a good lad

Don’t do anything bad

Wear a clean pair of socks every day!”

Two weeks later

His mum got a letter

“Mum, I haven’t done anything wrong

A big kid said, “I’m God!”

And he gave us all jobs

To wait on him all the day long

The camp is such fun

I’m tellin’ ya mum,

And I put on clean socks every day

The only bad news

Is can’t fit my shoes

On with all of them socks in the way!”

copyright Maurie Nord 2014




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