Murphy Ends Up In Texas


Murphy Ends Up In Texas!

By Clancy O’Lafferty


Now, Murphy desired to explore the new world,

And he started it off where Leif Ericsson toured.

Columbus was just DNA understand,

When Ericsson  walked upon a new found land.


In Newfunland, Murphy worked hard at a fish plant,

But in time he became irritated with that.

“Besides,” he sighed, “I heard that hard work can wrecks us.”

So, he wandered all over and he wound up in Texas.


He stopped in a bar where some cowboys were soused,

And Murphy proclaimed, “God bless all in this house!”

Instantly sober, the drovers woke up,

And loudly gawfawed when he called for a “mug”.


The bartender smiled and asked “Where y’all from?

“Well, there’s only me, but lately Newfunland is my home.”

“New fun land?  Where in tarnation is that?”

As they all gathered ‘round , Murphy drew them a map.


With his index finger upon the wet bar

He started his lesson, “Now, here’s where we are.

And if you goes east cross yer You Nited States

And then you goes north till the border you meets.

Next you turns east and you’ll soon understand,

To be sure you will end up in ol’ Newfunland!”


The cowboys looked puzzled and all shook their heads,

“Sounds like it’s dern near t’ China,” they said.

“Well now, you may be right cuz I just got a hunch,

I worked with a Chinese guy, and…HE WENT HOME FOR LUNCH!


Copyright Maurie Nord 2014




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