clancy olafferty

Wandering Kind

By Maurie Nord

I’m feeling like a palm tree

In North Dakota

Guess I’m saying I’m feeling like I don’t belong

Feeling like an ice berg

In Arizona

I play it cool and I don’t stay around for long

Seems like every time I find a rainbow

Somehow I never find the pot

Of gold

But what I find is on my mind

And I know

Somewhere new is where

I’ve got to go

Don’t want folks to blame or folks

To blame me

They’ve got their shoes and the Lord knows

I’ve got mine

Being blamed and blaming

Makes you crazy

Whatever it is just is so let it lie

I’m the wandering kind

I’m the wandering kind

And my winding road isn’t half as long

As the journey of my mind

I am on my way to anywhere as

Long as here gets left behind

I run for cover like any other

Wandering kind

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014

winding road

Nashville recording of the song version:


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