Murphy’s Trip To Vegas


Murphy’s Trip To Vegas

By Clancy O’Lafferty

Murphy, O’Grady and Darby O’Shea

Pissed all of their money away in one day.

Their dream trip to Vegas, Nevada, though fair,

Was soon to turn into their biggest nightmare.

Murphy said, “Think of the Ireland rain,

Let’s drive on the desert and drink some champagne!

And free Guiness I found as well right in our room!

Tis a little bit warm, but I guess it will do!

In a rented dune buggy, twelve miles out of town,

They drank all the booze and the buggy broke down!

O’Grady complained, “This is all cuz of you!

Now damn your hide Murphy what plan, tell us do!”

Gentlemen please put your weak minds at ease!

We’re descended of Vikings who had no weak knees.

Let’s follow our tracks for our way back to town,

But let’s take what we can from this dune buggy now.

“I’ll take the mirror,” O’Grady said.

So we can  flash codes with the sun overhead.”

O’Shea chose the rad,  “For there’s water in there,

And there’s no antifreeze cuz it’s hot around here.”

“And I’ll take a door,” Murphy gloated with pride

He winked and turned silent, just biding his time.

“And why take the door, you insufferable clown?”

“Well, If it gets too hot…

I can roll the window down!”

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014



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