Doherty The Detective!


Doherty The Detective

By Clancy O’Lafferty

Doherty wanted

to be a policeman,

And especially he wanted

to be a detective.

He went to the station

And told his intention

But he found

they were very selective.

Doherty was told

he was free to apply,

But first he must answer

a serious question

“When you solve the query

Report to O’Leary

And then you’ll begin

your first lesson.”

Doherty could hardly

contain his excitement

“Tells me the question

and I’m sure I can please yous!”

“Okay, that is fine

We’ll give you some time

Now, the question we ‘re posin’ is,

‘Who killed Jesus?’”

Doherty went home and he

told all his friends

How he passed the first interview

rock-solid steady

“They liked my elective

I’m groomed for detective,

I’ve been given my first murder case already!”

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014



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