By Maurie Nord

Traditional Irish music…Is found in Eire Land.

Traditional English Music…Is found in Angle Land

Traditional Chinese music…Is found in China Land

All over the globe…the same is so

And it’s one for the money and two for the show!

 Rock ‘n’ Roll is USA made

Rock ‘n’ Roll is USA made

Rock ‘n’ Roll is USA made

I’m writin’ a little about the hist’ry of  Rock and Roll.

Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino

Carl Perkins singin’ go cat go now,

Billy Haley started the clock

When Buddy Holly died

We thought it had stopped

The Everly brothers

Brought Harmony

Before the Beatles ever let it be, now,

Just givin’ a warnin’ to pay ‘em their dues,

This Rockin’ and Rollin’?  Been paid with the blues.

Been paid with the heartaches, been paid with the tears,

We oughta remember all them nine-eleven years now

Rock ‘n’ Roll is USA made

Rock ‘n’ Roll is USA made

Rock ‘n’ Roll is USA made

Just writin’ a little about the hist’ry of

Rock and Roll!

copyright 2014 Maurie Nord



One thought on “USA MADE

  1. I write this in response to all the attention lately given to the Beatles almost as though they are the inventors of Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is ridiculous, of course, and even Paul McCartney would readily agree. They were totally enthralled with American blues-based, music that carried a beat.

    Little Richard, says, “I am the architect, the innovator and the founder of Rock and Roll and he is probably right to a certain degree. The recipe for Rock ‘n’ Roll is very complicated, yet, in a way, very simple and it could only have happened in the USA. Korean K-Pop is a most recent descendant of this foundation. You cannot have a building without a foundation and it all started when Black people, brought over as slaves, met white people and they exchanged their art forms.

    Rock ‘n’ Roll, with all its’ forms and descendants owes a debt to the USA whose brave youthful souls who proclaimed, “I don’t care what people say Rock and Roll is here to stay”…..Danny and the Juniors. They rebelled against older generation tyranny against this “African” music. Please listen to their prophetic song on youtube and watch the amazing performance and interpretation.

    Also the Beach Boys, “Do You Remember” who were rock ‘n’ roll revivalists before the Beatles were even known.

    The song first played in 1962.

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