O’Toole And His Granny’s Will


O’Toole And His Granny’s Will

By Clancy O’Lafferty

O’Toole was named in a will,

He went to his granny’s wake.

He prayed to the Lord God Almighty

that she’d

sleep on and never awake.

“Oh Lord, don’t let her sit up

and give all us folks a scare.

I want the three count in that coffin, oh God,

I’ll do want you want, I swear!”

His granny she never sat up,

O’Toole went to hear the will.

His cousins were all getting money and land

they were smilin’ and drinkin’ their fill.

He sat on the edge of his seat.

When at last was it read  for O’Toole.

“Your granny has paid in advance

your tuition for three years of Bible school!”

Copyright Maurie Nord 2014



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