Murphy’s New Honda


by Clancy O’Lafferty

Murphy got money
From some dead somebody
And fired up his side that was fickle
“I wants to try
an’ it’s time that I buys me
A candy-red new motorsickle

He bought him a Honda
Like a fool he jumped on the
Damn thing without takin’ a lesson
He whispered, “Oh well,
if I kills meself
Then I’ll simply goes to confession.”

Murphy roared all around
Every street in the town
Showing people his every shenanigan
Then he got a bright thought
And he said, “I knows what
Now I’ll goes to fetch Elmer O’Flannigan

Elmer jumped on
“WHA! WHA!” They were gone
Four gears and they never quit laughin’
Elmer’s ears were a ringin’
And his cheeks were a stingin’
Murphy’s hair gave his face such a lashin’

Then Elmer said “Whoah!
I’m too cold! I’m too cold!
So Murphy turned onto the shoulder
“Turns your jacket around
To the other way now
When I zips up the back you’ll be bolder

Elmer was fine
And they sped for some time
Then Murphy checked Elmer behind him
And he said, “Oh my God!
O’Flannigan’s gone!”
And he turned back around to go find him

Elmer lay on the road
As still as a stone
With a big crowd of people around him
Murphy’s face told his fright
And they said, “Well he was when we found him

He got up to his feet
And we sighed with relief
Then something strange happened you MIGHT say
He fell back to the ground
Staring up with a frown
When we turned his head back ’round the RIGHT way!”

copyright Maurie Nord 2014
Inspired by Irish comedian, Hal Roach

little honda



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