Corkmen Are Great Liars



By Clancy O’Lafferty

‘Twas Murphy’s first trip

On a merchant ship

And one day the captain sent for him

“Murphy!” He cried

A sailor has died

In his cabin now go and tend to him.

Cabin thirty and two

And I authorize you

By the powers that be vested in me

That you take this man

With your cap in your hand

And bury him now in the sea

“Aye, aye,” Murphy said

And saluting, he went

To attend to the unlucky sailor.

When he finished the chore

He returned in an hour

To report it to Captain  Joe Taylor

“Captain it’s true

Down in room twenty-two

A Sailor lay still as could be

So me and the lads

hauled him up outa  bed

And committed him into the sea

“Good Lord Murphy

thirty-two cabin I said

I never said twenty and two!

What sailor did you lads commit to the sea?

What sailor was he tell me do!”

“A Kennedy dork

from the county of Cork

Lay still on his bed when we found him

And all us poor lads

we took off our caps

As we solemnly gathered around him”

“Good Lord, was he dead

as he lay on his bed?

Are you sure that this Corker had died?”

“Well, he said, “I’m not dead!

As he lay on his bed,

But you know how those Corkmen can lie!”

Inspired by Irish Comedian, Hal Roach

copyright 2014 Maurie Nord






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