God Bless You All


I Sing God Bless You!

God bless each and all who are likin’ me rhymes!

I tried that free-style and I don’t think I shines….uh….shoned….

Oh yes, had shoon!

I bought a compewtor with

Iambic pentameter!

That be the fastest hard drive by Samsong…Samsang…

Oh yes Samhadsung!

Ah, Erin go bragh…it doesn’t matter.

‘Tis harder for you laymen to learn than Gin Rummy,

Because I study English from the latest, “Grammar For Dummies”

And ‘tis written by a famous fella, Hu Phlung Dung!

No doubt you must have also heard of him.

Copyright 2014 Clancy O’Lafferty and Maurie Nord


Apology Dear Readers

Pay Clancy no mind and let him not weary us, please,

I put him up to it, and don’t take him seriously.

Except when he warns you that he might fart,

Or sings, “God Bless you!”

and, “How Great Thou Art!”


Copyright 2014 Maurie Nord


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